First Class Tips

Welcome to your first day of Muay Thai training. Whether or not this is your first time training in a martial art, or training in general, here are a few tips for you to have a smooth, learning experience.

Before Training

FORMS: Fill out the Intake Forms and Par-Q before the start of the training session (sent via e-mail or filled out at the front desk). If you are unable to fill them out electronically before your training session, take 10 minutes before the start of your session in order to fill them out at the front desk.

FOOD/HYDRATION: A car needs fuel in order to run, our bodies require fuel in order to function too. Fuel at least 2 hours before training: eat a small meal (which includes carbs, protein, natural sugars) and hydrate accordingly in order to have the energy to train.

PUNCTUALITY: Please come in at least 10 minutes before your first class in order to fill out forms/get a feel of the training facility. If you are coming in late, please call the front desk so that the instructor can be notified.

Training Tanya 2 Crop.jpg

During Training

ATTIRE: Queens of Brampton Muay Thai strives to maintain a training environment that is productive and free from unnecessary distractions. All Muay Thai students are expected to present an appropriate image to students, staff, and the public. Please maintain a neat and clean appearance that is appropriate for the learning setting and for the training being performed. 


  • Long/short sleeved compression or dry fit shirts

*All female students must wear a sports bra underneath their top. No sports bra only as top.*


  • Compression leggings/compression shorts underneath shorts


  • Outdoor training includes running: bring footwear (summer months only)

  • Indoor training is done barefoot: socks and footwear off the mats


  • Long hair must be tied back/kept in a headband/bandana.

  • No perfume (to avoid allergic reactions from staff and other students).

  • Don’t train when you are sick. Training during an illness can derail your recovery and can lead to others (classmates, staff) getting sick.

  • Use tape/bandaid to cover any cuts.

  • Muay Thai training includes hand to hand drills and direct contact with partner: trim fingernails and toenails to avoid scratching instructor/classmates.


Towel and water bottle- Training intensely will make you sweaty, so dry off and hydrate in between :)

Equipment- If you already have your own, please bring the following equipment. If not, equipment will be provided for you during your first session.

  • Skipping rope

  • Hand wraps

  • Bag gloves