My job as a teacher is to challenge the body to become stronger and introduce it useful skills.

The goal in Muay Thai is to strike effectively; it is also a vehicle to give our emotions a new life with accuracy, timing and efficiency. Before we learn to be skilled, we need to be coordinated first.

Running, jumping, crawling, and pushing are movements we’ve learned as children but forgotten as adults. My goal is to reintroduce these skills as a means of coordination, to be more connected with our bodies through useful movement.

Throwing is essential movement with the use of an object; in martial art we throw our own limbs. The skill set I teach is Muay Thai: a striking art that utilizes punch, kick, knee and elbow. The goal is to skillfully coordinate our intentions with our execution; to connect our mind with our body in harmony.

Muay Thai in all its simplicity, allows for this union of challenging the body physically by providing what is useful and productive. This is an experience I would like to share with the community.